T.R.A.C.E.R Technology


Seconds are the difference between life and death when someone is involved in an active shooter scenario. Momentum Mechanics developed TRACER to save these precious seconds. 

When a weapon is drawn, adrenaline begins to pump, hearts begin to pound, and there's no time to completely analyze a scenario. Procedures are forgotten. Facts are not recorded, and if someone is struck, immediate response is impossible. With TRACER, all of this is accounted for. 

TRACER technology automates life saving response procedure with reputation preserving legal reinforcement, utilizing real-time data analysis in a high quality communications and information system.


Our Promise - Relentless Innovation for a Safer Today

Momentum Mechanics’ patented TRACER technology is an automated communication and response system designed to activate when a firearm is drawn and uses integrated sensing and communication technology to track and record an active shooter scenario. TRACER utilizes real time vital and geographical systems data in combination with cutting edge audio recognition to automate a response when gunshots are fired.

We promise to safeguard every day heroes through innovation of real-time intelligence and response systems; protecting lives, deterring escalation, and providing a reliable source of evidence. We will work relentlessly to be the first and highest quality provider of information systems and firearm accessories that address the safety of both civilians and protectors.